Hand-Fed Baby Birds

Welcome to our BIRD page. We do our best to always have an excellent selection of exotic hand-fed birds in both of our locations. (Babies are seasonal) Most of our exotic birds are purchased right after hatch, raised in-store and given much TLC until weaning. It is unlikely that you will not see any large birds in our shop that cannot be held by anyone. Birds are our passion, we have over 22 years experience rearing babies and people travel from quite a distance to obtain our spoiled “kids”. Our birds are unlike any you will find anywhere else, it is obvious when you hold one, we can virtually guarantee you will fall in love!

Each baby bird, like kids, is a unique individual with a unique personality, our babies move fast, but don’t worry, we do offer payment plans, layaway, and or take deposits on unweaned babies. Remember, a large bird purchase is a life-long commitment, we encourage you to shop around to find the perfect baby, we strive to be quite competative in our prices.