Our professional grooming salon is now open and expanded to a fully enclosed indoor/outdoor facility at our Neosho location. (Having access to an outdoor arena during mild weather reduces your pets level of stress during their spa visit.)

We provide full grooming services that include professional clipping, bath, nails, flea/tick treatment and more. Ask about our exclusive “Southbark’s Blueberry Facial” spa treatment. This treatment removes tear stains, is allergy free, and smells FANTASTIC. Used by our groomer and sold for at home use. Your animal companion deserves the BEST! Pamper your dog or cat with a spa treatment today! They will enjoy the experience, you will LOVE the result. Blueberry Facial…Get yours today!

We also carry other boutique and spa items including, doggy designer fragrances, home made soaps for people by, the Cain and Able collection, Frontline, Comfortis, Angel’s Eyes, and Pet safe aromatherapy candles by Milkhouse Creamery. Please plan ahead and set your appointment before your dog needs to be groomed, we are a busy salon and are usually booked 7-10 days out, all though we try, we typically cannot take walk-ins. Call now to set your grooming appointment.

The Best Grooming Prices and Service in the 4‑States!


Neosho Grooming Salon Hours:
Mon-Sat 9am-5pm
Closed Sun.

Now Hiring part and full time groomers! 417-451-5300